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The Great Gatsby_ESO4

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You're going to write a short text commentary about the chapter from The Great Gatsby that you have read in class. To help you, answer the following questions:

a)   When was the novel set?

b)   What was this time called?

c)   What historical events happened at this time? Find examples in the text.

d)   Where was it set geographically? Find examples in the text.

e)   What does each place symbolise?


You can start your text like this:


The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in ___________________________.  This time was called __________________________ in ____________________________. In class, we have read chapter 3, which describes ____________________________________________________________________. There are a few examples in the excerpts we read from chapter 3 that show the novel took place in this time.

First of all, …… / Firstly, ...

Apart from that, ….. / In addition, ... 

Another reference to the ____________________ is ______________________________.

Finally, ... 

When it comes to geographical references, the story is set in __________________________________________.



Remember to include all the ideas from class and to use connectors to link them (don't just list them one after the other!).  

Here are some useful websites with a bunch of connectors that you can use and example sentences of how to use them:

Linking words 1

Linking words 2


Here are the revision questions we discussed in class. I hope they're useful to study for the test. 


Click here to read again Jo's commentary on The Great Gatsby chapter3


Click here to read Eric's commentary on The Great Gatsby excerpt


Here's a documentary about the demolition of the house in which Jay Gatsby's mansion

in The Great Gatsby was based on.




Here are the lyrics of Lana del Rey's Young and Beautiful (which was included in the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby) for you to practise singing the song... You can choose between Beginner, Intermediate or Expert levels. Which one are you going to choose? Click here to get started...


Here's the trailer of the original The Great Gatsby from the 1970s,

which was directed by Jack Clayton and starred by Mia Farrow and Robert Redford.


Here's the featurette for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.


Below you can find the sneak preview trailer:


And finally, here's the party scene from Luhrmann's film that we read about in Chapter 3 in class. "Who IS this Gatsby?" 


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