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Unit 1 ESO 1 2015-2016

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Here's Ms Sol's ebook to check your answers.


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       Here's Ms Sol's Glogster poster. Check it out!


Click here for the Wordle activity. Enjoy!


Here's a Quizlet to study the personality adjectives from unit 1. We hope you find it useful.

Remember that if you want to print the flashcards, you need to click on "View this study set" and then on "Log in" and type in santgregorienglish as the username and iloveenglish as the password.

Here are some links to online vocabulary and grammar exercises

for you to practise what you've learnt in unit 1.

All the exercises are self-correctible,

but you can always ask your teacher if you have any questions.



These are vocabulary-related exercises.






Exercise 1

Interactive crossword: read the clues and find the adjective


Exercise 2

Interactive wordsearch: find the words from the list (II)


Exercise 3

Interactive wordsearch: find the words from the list (more difficult)



 Exercise 4

 -ed/-ing adjectives: match the sentence halves


 Exercise 5

 -ed/-ing adjectives: multiple choice


 Exercise 6

 -ed/-ing adjectives: multiple choice multiple choice (part II)




These are exercises related to Present Simple, Present Continuous and relative pronouns.


Exercise 13

Present simple: make these sentences negative



Exercise 14

Present simple questions: write the question corresponding to a sentence


Exercise 15

Present continuous questions: write the question corresponding to a sentence



Exercise 16

Mixed tenses: complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs



Exercise 17

Mixed tenses: complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs (more difficult)



Exercise 18

Mixed tenses: complete a text with the correct form of the verbs


Exercise 19

Differences between Present simple and Present Continuous (explanation)






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