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Voki texts

Page history last edited by Ms. Sol 10 years, 1 month ago




 Enric voki.doc      


voki - bet's.doc 








When you are finished, compare your texts to these ones.

Was yours very different?

Comments (4)

Ms. Sol said

at 8:26 pm on May 24, 2010

Camila, well done! Your transcription doesn't have any mistakes!

Ms. Sol said

at 8:27 pm on May 24, 2010

Quique, you've done a good job, too, but watch your spelling!

Ms. Sol said

at 8:27 pm on May 24, 2010

Gemma, your transcription is also great! No mistakes! Well done!

Ms. Sol said

at 8:28 pm on May 24, 2010

Enric, you have uploaded your Voki text, but it's in the .docx format, so I can't open it! Could you upload it again, but changing the format to Word 93/97? Thanks!

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