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     Halloween is here! Get ready to trick-or-treat!   




NEW! For ESO students: here is a Halloween webquest!!! Download it, surf the websites indicated, look for the answers and write them IN YOUR OWN WORDS on a Word document. Then, send them to your teacher by email! You have until Friday November 5th to submit your answers! The person with the most correct answers wins!


Can you solve the riddles and find the objects in the haunted house? Click here to find out!


How good are you at identifying Halloween-related things? Test yourself here!


Here's a Halloween trick-or-treat rap for you. Enjoy!


How much do you know about Halloween? Take this interactive quiz and see!


Do you like Halloween horror stories? Then check out this one!


What do people eat for Halloween? Find out here!


Here are some links to great videos and texts about Jack-o-Lanterns and about the real origins of Halloween:


These ones are about the Guiness Book of Record's fastest pumpkin carver. Take a look! Here are some on how Halloween began. Do you not get easily scared? Then play this hidden spirits game and help solve the Royal Magnall Hotel mystery.