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BTX 2 News reports (Ms Pye's class)

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Fines are increased! by Natàlia Español  


Yesterday, the antifraud controls of the stations to prevent the people who try to sneak in without paying the ticket were hardened by Renfe. The minimum fine for this kind of offence is, now, about 50 Euros (whereas before it was 9.3 Euros), and it will be the same for the whole public transport system in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Also, if the passenger pays the fine instantly, it will be reduced to 25 Euros. In addition, it is said by the company that there are going to be more policemen who will keep an eye on the inside of the train and the stations too.


Barcelona hit by an Earthquake! by lbert vinaixa



Last Monday September thirteenth, Barcelona was shook by an earthquake.

It is still being me asured but it was big enough to destroy parts of the buildings. It didn’t cause any death, but a crew of people were several injured. All the buildings near the sea were flooded by a little tsunami caused by the earthquake. The destruction of the roads caused by driving accidents during the earthquake was the biggest problem.

This newspaper wants to give help to all the people affected by the earthquake by telling this story and giving their all our support.


Adam's Apple in concert! by Joan Calvet


Foto de Adam's Apple


Last Saturday, there was a concert in Razzmatazz 3.

Three music bands played and the last one was playing one of the last songs, but some things made that the last one. All the people were very excited and they were all jumping and having fun. Then, the guitarist jumped too, and he fell down on the drums, and they were destroyed. Lots of plastic cups were thrown by the spectators at the drummer. One of them was warned by the security officer and another cup was thrown at him. They started to fight and the concert was stopped by the people who organized it.

It was a big end for a big concert.



A plane crashes, by Emilio


Yesterday a plane crashed in Venezuela. The accident caused the death of fifteen people and there were twenty- three injured people. Some of them have gone to Caracas for serious wounds. The plane was led by the pilot to an area where there weren´t any people and this saved many lives. New reporters from Venezuela said they are currently taking the injured and taken to hospital. Failures of the plane had already been found by the technical personnel. Blood donors have been called by the State to go where the injured are.



Great gig for Adam's Apple! by Benoît


Last night at Razzmatazz 3 a concert was made by three music bands to their friends and family. But we focus our aim at Adam's Apple, a band composed by four boys that in this night have been playing covers of others bands.

They appeared and people started whistling louder and shouting euphorically. The concert starts well until the singer and rithm guitar made signals to the others saying that his pedal was off because it's battery was finished. The singer become nervous but he plug out the jack off the pedal and smiled.

So the concert finished quite well and they were congratulated by all of their friends and family members.

Finally, the night finished with Mousse de Araña, and and they cheered again for them.



Instantaneous combustion! By Mireia Castaño


The explosion was seen by a group of tourists in the Upper East Side (Manhattan). When the firefighters and the police arrived the loft had been completely swallowed by the flames and in the bedroom there was a women’s body lying on the floor totally carbonized. The strange part of it all is that when the professionals inspected the loft and the body, searching for explosives, nothing was found by them. Nobody knows what happened last night, but a reporter sent by the magazine discovered that the police have been warned by an anonymous person about another explosion in 24 hours.



No more smoking! by Bernard


A couple of days ago, authorities planned a new law: "No more smoking people in front of hospitals and schools". Before the law was standing, people with a little bit of good sense, should have seen that, smoking in front of health institutions and buildings where children could breathe that smoke, it is not healthy. Not only for the people around the smokers, but for themselves too. Anyway, whatever people say, someone should be more sensible and say that those type of acts have to be punished. So far, since the law was standing, more than five people have been fined for smoking in front of that buildings. When did our world start going mad? No one knows...



Trouble at Sea World! by Sara Lomas


Yesterday, at the 5 PM dolphin show that took place at the Orlando’s sea aquarium, FL, a professional trainer was attacked by a dolphin. The attack happened in front of all the public, including 54 children with their parents.

The dolphins, after a good performance, were being congratulated with a fish by the trainer. Suddenly, the trainer’s hand was caught by a dolphin named Neptuno, who took her under the water for several minutes, in front of terrified spectators. Luckily Neptuno decided to let her go and she was finally able to go to the surface and save her life. The trainer’s scared but gracious face had a sense of being reborn who is leading normal life.

This attack can be compared to the attack of the whale, one year ago, which ended to being a real tragedy that no one is going to forget.

The fact that the dolphins were in captivity and under pressure of becoming more aggressive and developing psychological disorders, it’s being advised against by Green Peace. So the act of giving freedom to all of these animals, that end up with these dangerous shows is being advised against by this important animal care association.

Finally, these performances are going to be canceled temporally by the manager of the sea aquarium, until they find out which problem caused this tragic accident.


Bad luck for Barcelona F.C. by Mark Forn


Last Saturday, a soccer game was played by F.C. Barcelona and Hercules.


Almost eighty thousand people attended to the F.C. Barcelona stadium to watch the worst game played by F.C. Barcelona in the last two years. They lost 0-2 against a team that hadn’t been in the first division league since 1996. The goals were both scored by the Paraguayan player Valdez, one at the end of the first period and the other one at the second period. The game was refereed by Velasco Carballo.

A soccer team should never be over-confident, even if it’s the best in the world.


A Barça football player has been stolen by three thieves in Barcelona by Sergio Alegre


Adriano Correia, a Brazilian football player of the Barcelona F.C. was an object three days ago of the theft of his car in a park car near to the neighbourhood of the Barceloneta by three thieves. 

That happened when a few thieves held up his representative, Paulo Neves, they stole their bag with the keys of the car with other belongings.

The incident happened three days ago, when three individuals approached Neves in the maritime walk of Barcelona. After distracting him, they took his bag where they found a portfolio with a receipt of a park car and the keys of a car.

The thieves went to the park car and tried luck with several cars, with the control distantly that are in the habit of incorporating the keys of the cars. On having verified that the lights of a car were ignited, an Audi car, they took the vehicle property of the football player of Barça. 

The Adriano’s agent made a formal complaint before the Mossos d'Esquadra, which have managed to recover the car already returned to his owner. The thieves, who have criminal records, have gone on to a judicial resolution.



The president’s wife by Ramon Redret


The president of the french country, has been caught today with her secretary mary jane huggens. The succes had happened this morning, when his wife, Emily Howard, had arrived to the hotel , to say hello to his men and help him to prepare his evening meeting with the reporters. But  when she arrived to the french president room, he was so surprised to see his secretary, mary jane, kissing him , and touching him. As our reporter in NY Daffyd Thomas has told us, the wife was so furious , that jump like a lion , to punch him. Afortunatelly, the security men,who was outside the room ,hearing all that the woman said, catch the woman before she could make any hurt to the french president.



Shoplifters caught red-handed! By Marc Caballero


Two days ago, a group of vandals  formed by four guys were arrested by the police while they were shoplifting in the tourism area of the city. They were caught by a group of girls who were having a good time, and fortunately, a police car was travelling nearby. Yesterday, the guys were fined 600€ and sentenced to two years of prison.

Although one of them haven’t been arrested because of his escape, all the damages will be payed to the shopping centre. Pictures of them will be posted all around the center, so they will be banned from entering.



Grand Slam Action by Pedro Bilbao


Yesterday, the Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam was won by Fernando in three hours for 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2. After the game was delayed because of the rain, the players came back to the court to play the rest of the match. The game was so moving and the points were made with difficulty by the players, so Fernando had to offer his best game to win the final against Roddick. After the match, the cup was given to the Spanish player and the last photo of the Tournament was taken by Fernando at the moment that the cup was being bitten by him.



Barcelona will be attacked! By Catalina Luján


Barcelona will be attacked by a jihadist forum the September 24thThe subway station called “Via Olímpica” will be attacked by them. In a jihadist web forum is explained by a man who calls himself “Amin al qaeda” why the station is going to be attacked by them the September 24th. The biggest zoo parck of the city is located on this station and the Barcelona’s party will be celebrated during these days so there will be a lot of visitors, but this terrorist group don’t have the explanation of why there’s gonna be so many people the September 24th. Everyone from Barcelona knows that is for “La Mercè”, a popular party that is celebrated every year in Barcelona.




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