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Person 1-5

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1.       Singing in public makes me feel nervous.

2.       Surfing all day is my idea of happiness.

3.       Not being listened to is something that really annoys me.

4.       Listening to music helps me relax.

5.       Having exams makes me feel stressed.

6.       Watching horror movies frightens me.

7.       Being with friends makes me laugh.

8.       Falling down in front of everybody would embarrass me.

9.       Studying science sometimes confuses me.

10.   Failing an exam is often a disappointment.

11.   Having good marks makes me feel proud.


                                                              QUESTIONS FOR PERSON 1:

How long have you been surfing? 2 years

If you could only surf 3 hours one day, would it be your idea of hapiness? Yes, it would be great too.

Have you ever seen an horror movie with your school friends? Yes, a month and a half ago.

Do you have an ''ocean and earth grip''? Yes Finish your answer! 

Have you ever falled (past participle) down in front of a lot of people? No Finish your answer! 

Do you like to sing (verb form)? Not especially.

Do you usually have a good mark in the exams? It depends on the subject.

Will you sing in public?  (wrong tense: are you asking about the past?) When? No, actually I (wrong order) don't sing that well.

What kind of music you prefer? Answer missing!

 What kind of movies do you like watching? 

                                             PERSON 2

1.  Waiting for ? (article missing) important person that I haven't seen in a lot of time makes me feel nervous.

2.  Laughing with my friends and family is my idea of happiness.

3.  My mum calling me many times is something that really annoys me.

4.  Watching a comedy helps me relax.

5.  People standing up in class when I’m still copying make me feel stressed.

6.  Being alone really frightens me.

7.  Listening to a bad joke always makes me laugh.

8.  My mum dancing the Macarena in my class would embarrass me.

9.  My maths teacher explaining sometimes confuses me.

10. Friends doesn’t (negative gerund) helping me when I really need it is often a disappointment.

11.Winning a basket (what's the name of the sport in English?) match makes me feel proud.



Is there anything else that relaxes you? Listening to music and sleeping.

If you listen ? (preposition missing) to a joke by Ms Sol, would you laugh?

Is your maths teacher a bit strange? It's Depend to the day, but most days he is very funny Where do you play basketball? At school.

do you play .asketball as an extra-curricular activity?Yes, I do.

What (wrong question word)'s your maths teacher? Answer missing! 

Do you use (wrong word: you need an adverb of frequency) to win the basket (what's the name of the sport in English?) matches? Really, no!  

When was the last time that your mother embarass (wrong tense: past simple) you?  

Are you always nervous at righting at old friends?

Has your mum or any familiar ever embarrassed you in front of your friends? No but if that happened it'll be horrible!


1.Playing a football match makes me feel nervous.

2.   Skateboarding in Sant Feliu is my idea of happiness.

3.   Listening to classic (what's the correct adjective in English?) music is something that really annoys me.

4.   Playing on Playstation 3 helps me relax.

5.   Doing a final exam makes me feel stressed.

6.   Watching a scary movie really frightens me.

7.   Watching Family Guy always makes me laugh.

8.   Being naked in front of hundred people would embarrass me.

9.   Having a lot of exams the same day sometimes confuses me.

10. Losing at S.K.A.T.E is often a disappointment.

11. Passing an exam makes me feel proud.




What kind of music do you listen ? (preposition missing)? I like a lot of different types of music


Are you often disappointed? Because ever I see you doing an S.K.A.T.E. you lose...

i think I'm not the person who you think because I win all the S.K.A.T.E.S

Do you normally lose at S.K.A.T.E.s? (Be honest) No, never

Do you play football as an after-school activity? Yes I do

Do you love playing football? Yes, I do

do you usually go at (wrong preposition) skate parks? 

When you play meti96, (auxiliary missing) do you enjoy it? It's a little bit boring because I always win!

Do you have a "Dog Town" long?

In summer time do you go to sant feliu?

do you normaly fail exams?     

Do you go every weekend to a skatepark? 


1. Playing the violin in public makes me feel nervous.

2. Being near my family and friends is my idea of happiness.

3. People talking or making noise when I'm studying or when I'm concentrating is something that really annoys me.

4. Listening to music helps me relax.

5. Having a lot of exams makes me feel stressed.

6. Seeing shadows in the night really frightens me.

7. Watching my friends telling jokes always makes me laugh.

8. Not remembering people's birthdays would embarass me.

9. Studying maths sometimes confuses me.

10. Having a bad mark in an exam is often a disappointment.

11. Passing an exam with a very good mark makes me feel proud.



How long have you been playing the violin? I have been playing the violin since I was 7 years old.

What kind of music do you listen to? I normally listen to pop music and some old but good music. I HATE rap.

Are your friends always being goofy? Yes, they are laughing all the time.

Are you good at maths? Yes, I'm good at it.

Do you play the violin in schoool or as an after-school activity? I play it in school.

Are you good playing the violin?  I think that I'm good at it.

When was the last time you had been scared? I don't remember. 

Do you normally see strange shadows? No but I don't like to see shadows in the night.

Do you play any other instrument apart from the violin? No.


1. Having an English exam the next day makes me feel nervous.

2. Sunbathing on a beach of Hawaii is my idea of hapiness.

3. Queuing for a long time is something that really annoys me.

4. Listening to classical music helps me relax.

5. A lot of people talking to me at the same time make me feel stressed.

6. A person who enjoys killing young people really frightens me.

7. A stupid boy playing football always make me laugh.

8. Doing a stupid thing in front of the class would embarrass me.

9. People whispering sometimes confuse me.

10. Going to school is often a disappointment.

11. The teacher asking me something and answering correctly makes me feel proud.



What type of classical music do you listen to? I listen to Mozart, which is my favourite, Bach and Beethoven.

Have you ever been in Hawaii?  No, but I would like to go there someday.  

Have you got a lot of English exams? Yes.

Do you normally answer  Ms Sol's questions correctly? Yes, of course. 

Do you usually jump the queue? Yeah, sometimes.
Are you a good student?
Yeah, I am very clever.

Is sunbathing in Hawaii the only way for you to relax? No, of course not, I can relax playing at PS3, and listening to music.

Do you like English exams or you prefer Maths exams? I prefer english exams definetely.

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