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Summer hit 2001 Group 3

Page history last edited by Ms. Sol 8 years, 4 months ago

This was in July in Roses in 2010. This story starts in el Bulli.  

Maria and Juan are a couple of guys that start cooking classes in el Bulli whit a lot of more people.

Juan didn't start with a lot of lucky, he had problems trying to do the things the best he could, he had problems with the dishes, the food and also with himself, but he has a lot of lucky meeting Maria.

Maria was a pretty girl with a lot of talent cooking. When they met, they knew that they will be a great couple, and that was. They spend all the rest of the summer together, they travel to little island, made bike rides and parties in the beach. One of the best summer for them.

Unfortunately, in the end of the summer they had to separated, but one day, when Juan is alone at home, he just thought in Maria, and he recive a big sorprise, Maria came to be with him.



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