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Units 4A-4B ESO 3 dialogues

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Click on each of the dialogues to listen to it.


Patricia and Toni's dialogue
Nacho and Marc's dialogue

Lluís Barnadas and Martín's dialogue

Lluís Franco and Llorenç's  dialogue
Gemma and Helena's dialogue
Gina and Georgina's dialogue 
Camila and Laura's dialogue 
Blanca and Fernando's dialogue 
Alejandra and Júlia's dialogue 


Then answer the questions below and send your answers to your teacher by email.


Helena & Gemma's group questions:

1. What is Helena syudying?

2. When is Gemma starting university?

3. Where does Gemma want to work?


Alejandra & Júlia's group questions:
4. Is Alejandra sure about what will she study?

5. What will Júlia study ?

6. Where will Alejandra work?


Martín & LLuís's questions:

7. Where will Martín and Lluís go?

8. What condition does Martín give to go to the party?


Blanca & Fernando's questions:

9. Is  Fernando is happy about the wedding?
10. Are Fernando and Blanca good friends, why?
Why doesn't  Blanca invite to Fernando to the wedding?


Lluís & Llorenç's questions:
12. Where are they in the first scene?
13. Why does Ted call Barney "boss"?
14. Where will Ted work when he's 30 years old?


Camila & Laura's questions:

15. What will Laura study?

16. Why won't Camila go to university?

17. Where is the celebration of the wedding?


Patricia & Toni's questions:

18. Why has Patricia been busy?

19. What does Toni want to study at university?

20. Where will Patricia work when she's 30 years old?


Gina and Georgina’s questions

21. When is Georgina going to get married?

22. Where is her wedding?

23. When is Georgina going to have children?


Nacho and Marc’s questions:

24. Where is Marc going?

25. Is this the first time that Marc takes the AVE?

26. Does Marc have relatives in Madrid?



Click here to read the dialogue scripts.


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Llorenç said

at 1:31 pm on Dec 16, 2011

Lluís & Llorenç's group questions:
1. Where are they in the first scene?
2. Why does Ted call Barney "boss"?
3. Where will Ted work when he's 30 years old?

3. Where will ted work whe he's 30 years old?

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