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Animal project Year 5

Page history last edited by Ms. Sol 8 years, 7 months ago

These are the steps you need to follow for the animal project in the computer lab. Thanks to Rosa Maria Felip for original idea!

1. Get in pairs and choose an animal you both like. Check with your teacher that nobody else has already chosen it.

2. Download the Animal File from here.

3. Save it with your name in the folder your teacher tells you; for example: animalfile_usoa.

4. Surf the websites below and complete the animal file with the information about your animal. 

Useful websites:

-         Arkive: explore for information and photos

-         BBC Nature: videos, photos and information

-         Kidsplanet:  Factsheets for different animals 

5. When you have all the information and the photos you need (in the next session in the computer lab), you will have to read the text on the koala (the sample text) and start writing about your animal.




Control+C = copy

Control+V = paste

Save as = Guardar como

To save a photo, right click on the photo and choose Save Image As (Guardar imatge)



In the final stage of the project is you're going to describe the photos of the animal you have chosen. First, create a Word document and save it under the name photos_yourname; for example: photos_usoa. Copy the photos onto the document you have created. For every photo, you need to write a sentence to describe it. For example:


In this photo there is a koala eating leaves.



In this photo there is a baby koala in its mother’s pouch.




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