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Ice skating started some 4000 years ago in the south of Finland. Originally, skates were with bone attached to the sole. Adding edges is the first human created the modern skates in 13th or 14 century.


Originally in the Netherlands, ice skating was considered for every one, but when James II of England went to Netherlands, he loved this sport and he imported it to England. In England this new sport was for aristocracy.  King Louis XVII of France built a skating rink in pairs during his reign.



                                                                   This is a picture of ice skating in 17th century






Nowadays there are many forms of ice skating:

Bandy (played on ice using a single round ball. Two teams of 11 played each compete to get the ball into the other team’s goal using sticks, thereby scoring a goal.), figure skating (artistic skating is an Olympic sport.), ice hockey (there are two teams in the rink. Their objective is too scored in the opposing goal.), Ringette (is a team sport. Ringette requires the use of straight sticks to control a rubber rink, the objective is to score goals.), short track (is a competition, where multiple skaters skate on an oval ice track with a circumference), tour skating (is a sport and recreational form of long distance ice skating on natural ice)


Videos and photos of forms of ice skating

Figure skating





Ice hockey




Short track



To skate you need:

A good pair of skates because if you don’t buy a good pair skates will break and the blade will oxidize.

If you want to play bandy, ice hockey or ringette you need a sticks and a helmet to protect your head.

If you want play short track or tour skating you need a helmet.

You also need gloves.


                                                                                   This is a pair of skaters                                                                                                             


Some specific words related to are:

Ice skating: it’s a place where the skaters practice ice stating.

Sticks: it’s a stick to play Bandy, ice hockey and ringette.

Ice states: it’s a pair of whit a blade.

Flips: It’s jump in ice skating.

Lutzes: Is a figure skating jump using a toe-pick-assisted.

Toe-pick: It’s a part of boat, stay in the front of the blade.


                                                                                   This are the parts of  the boat.





My favourite skater is Tara Lipinsti.

Tara Kristen Lipinsti was born on June 10, 1982 in American (Philadelphia-Pennsylvania). When she was 15 years old she won a gold medal in 1998 winter Olympics games. She is also the 1977 world champion. She is currently retired.




                             This is a video of Tara Lipinsti   





I started ice skating in 2006 when my dad took me to FC Barcelona ice stating rink. In 2007 started taking classes and have taken lessons three years. In this moment I ice stating for sometimes go.

I like ice skating because it’s very fun.



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