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Ton Esteve's website

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     Ton’s hunting page



The hunting sport has existed since the Middle Ages, but the hunting has existed since the origins of men. Men usually uses animals for hunting, for example dogs, ferrets, eagles and others persons.



                                Ferret                                                                               Dog                                                                  Eagle

 There are two tips of hunting the big game hunting and the small game hunting. The hunting is an international sport it’s practised all around the World.

The biggest competition is the “World Competition of San Huberto” , this competition started in 1976.




To hunt, you need a weapon for example shotgun, rifle,bow, crossbow,hunt knife ... and a hunting ground.

















                                                    Hunt Knife




My favourite competitor is Tino Mañez, because I know him. He is a colleague of my dad. He hunts with shotgun and precision rifle. He does big game hunting. He’s won 13 gold medals




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