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Paula Martín's website

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by Paula Martín









Origami is an art based  on folding paper to create figures. The word origami means "folding paper" (oru: fold, kami: paper). There are lots of different types of origami and there are also famous origami artists.








Origami is an activity that first appeared in China in the 1st century . After it extended to Japan in the 6th century. It has been popular there for ages, but centuries later it was discovered in Europe.



                                                                                                    Map of China and Japan




Marco Polo was a discoverer who trevelled to China in the 13th century, and he brought paper from there to Europe. Paper wasn't approved here, because in that time we were using parchment. Later European people adopted it because it was cheaper.


The dicoverer Marco Polo




During the average age, origami was forgotten. But in 1797 the fist book about origami was published.

In the 19th century it becamed popular in Occident. A lot of european origami artists came out.




Miguel de Unamuno was a famous Spanish writer. In addition to writing, he was interested in origami too. He made it famous in Spain duuring the 30s. From here, origami also moved to South America.


The famous writer Miguel de Unamuno



THE 50s AND 60s

Akira Yoshizawa and Sam Randlett were famous origami makers that made origami definitely popular in Europe during the 50s and 60s.


Sam Randlett with one of his origamis of a bull








There are several types of origami, but the most general are:



· Full Role Origami: It is made with only one piece of paper.

An origami of a frog made only with one piece of paper


· Modular Origami (Kusudama): It is made with different pieces of paper united to create a figure.


An origami of a bunch of flowers made with different pieces of paper


There's also another type of origami: the wet paper origami.

Origami artists have invented a lot of different ways of making origami, in some of them you can't only use your hand, maybe you can use scissors.



                                                 A wet paper origami of a bear                                      An origami of a flower made with scissors





My favourite origami maker is Akira Yoshizawa, because he created the stangest figures. There are also other important artists like Sam Randlett, Germán Luis Beitia, Roger Alperin, Humiaki Huzita...


Akira Yoshizawa with one of his origamis: a peacock





Origami has becamed popular because it is cheap, you don't even need tools, and it's a very good hobby for us. I believe origami it's important because if we prectise it, we might develop habilities and it's a very good training for our brain.


The most popular origami is the paper plane. Most of the people learn how to make one -even children-, because it's the easiest origami. Also the pacman is very popular among children. Maybe because you can play a game with a pacman. Another popular origami is the bow, but it is more complicated and not many people know how to make one.




             A paper plane origami                                        A pacman origami                                                     A bow origami











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