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Curling is a sport which players slide granite stones across an ice area. It is played indoors. There are two teams of four players each. The stones curve (or curl) and each team will score points for each rock that goes into a circular target marked on the ice. This target has three rings and the teams score points for each rock that goes closest to the center of the target. The ice area has to be very flat and when the stones curl the ice, two players sweep the ice so that the stone keeps moving fast.





This sport started during the Medieval Age. It was invented in Scotland. Nowadays the countries where the curling is popular are Scotland, United States, Canada, Norway... Most of curling players live in the United States, Scotland and Canada.





The curling is played in international competitions. In 1998 this game was added in the Winter Olympic Games. The curling has a male team and a female team in the diferents competitions.



To play this sport you need:



                curling stone                                  curling sweep



My favourite team is the Canada team. They usually win the male World Curling Championships. In 2006 they won the Winter Olympic Games.






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