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Units 4A and 4B ESO3

Page history last edited by Ms Sol 5 years, 4 months ago


►Here's the poetry book that ESO 3 students have created. Well done, you! :)


Mixbook - Create stunning photo books, cards and calendars! | Design your own Photo Book with Mixbook's easy online editor.

►Here are a bunch of online exercises for you to practise Zero, First and Second conditionals.

Do them and ask your teacher in case you have any questions!






Exercise 1 

Zero conditional: match the sentence halves



Exercise 2

Zero Conditional: complete the sentences with the verbs from the box



Exercise 3

Zero conditional: complete the sentences with the verbs from the list in the correct form



Exercise 4

1st Conditional general explanation and rules



Exercise 5

Multiple choice: choose the correct option in 1st

conditional sentences



Exercise 6

1st conditional:  match the sentence halves



Exercise 7

1st conditional:  complete the sentences with the verbs from the box



Exercise 8

1st conditional: complete the sentences with the verbs from the list in the correct form



Exercise 9

2nd conditional general explanation and rules



Exercise 10 

Multiple choice: choose the correct option in 2nd

conditional sentences



Exercise 11 

2nd conditional:  match the sentence halves



Exercise 12 

2nd conditional: put the words in order



Exercise 13

2nd conditional:  complete the sentences with the verbs from the box



Exercise 14 

2nd conditional: complete the sentences with the verbs in the correct form





This is the video we watched in class about Georgina. Click on this link below to watch it again.

Here is another video of two students, Mateusz and Andrés, who have taken their GCSEs

despite not having English as their mother tongue. 


Here is the information related to universities.


Here is the love and relationships survey.


Below are the survey results.

Ms Sol's survey results

210-280 points

You’re very sentimental, sensitive and romantic, too. You should be careful because someone might break your heart.

290-500 points

You are a heartbreaker. Try to be more understanding with the people who care about you.

520 or more points

You don’t care about anything! Try to get more involved and maybe you’ll find the right person for you!


Click here to access ESO 3 students' surveys.

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frediari said

at 8:19 pm on Apr 29, 2014

This survey can't be better, I believe that it's a very good topic and the questions are accuracy and the answers too. But I can't see the photos that makes me feel a good impression.
Like always , very good work Miss, I learned to do surveys taking this example.

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