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Cecília's secret ambition

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Do you want to save lives?


Did you know that most surgeons live their lives on the edge?.In surgeon's world there is a very thin line between life and death. In the operating room surgeons can save a life or kill someone just with a minor error. So, imagine the tension they go through during an operation. Wouldn't you do extreme sports and live your personal life to the full? This is one of the things that appeals to me more about surgery, apart from being able to save a life just doing your job, which is the best experience someone could have.


This is all very well, but what does it actually take to become a surgeon? Well, as you know, surgeons are people who have to work very hard to achieve their ambitions, therefore, the key to succeed in them, is to be patient, persevering and hard-working. I think it is taken for granted that this is not enough, because you also have to be intelligent, creative and responsible, too. Besides, a good surgeon should be comfortable being the leader of a team and making quick decisions, because sometimes, in a few seconds, you have to make up your mind very quickly, which could save or take someone's life away.


After having presented the requirements to become a surgeon, I personally think I should be chosen as the winner, because I have most the qualities needed. A lot of moments in my life I've had to take leadership of a situation, so, I'm used to it. Also, I'm good at improvising, having an objective point of view and thinking clearly under pressure. I am aware that becoming a surgeon doesn't happen overnight, but I must admit that when I've set my mind to achieve something I do whatever it takes to get it and I never give up.


Surgeons are very useful in our world and it is beneficial to have new young people interested becoming one. Becoming a surgeon is definitely the main aim in my life right now. Everyone needs help to achieve their ambitions, so, why don't you help me with mine so I can start saving lives?










Cecília Vila i Riera


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