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Pau's secret ambition: THE UNDERRATED SIDE OF SPORT

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The underrated side of sport


Typically, most children dream about becoming professional football players, don’t they? Strangely enough, in my case, my lifelong ambition is to reach the top by being a football coach. I know that sounds weird, but as the time goes by I’ve realized that giving your players tips and making your team strategies appeal to me even much more than being a player.


What does a coach require to succeed in his career? Apart from studies and diplomas, I think the unique personal characteristic which is essential is, basically, being crazy about football. It doesn’t matter if this means burning the midnight oil watching epic matches. Personally, I’m able to follow the main European leagues, with their teams, players, coaches, tactics and results all at the same time.


Furthermore, I have been coaching -kids from 5 to 7 years old- for the last two years in a club. It has been a fantastic experience. The satisfaction you get when you see they have learnt something new in football is undescriptible. Actually, even my coach –because nowadays I’m a player too- told me that innate ability I have of seeing the game, will help me to become a professional in that field. Finally, as you may have recognized on ‘tellie’, you don’t have to look glamorous or to be rich to get to the dome of coaches. You just need a special talent in the way you see our national sport.


To sum up, is everything in life so complicated? Not at all. If you are able to find out which your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as your likes, and then adjust these personal characteristics to an ideal profession, you’ll definitely be successful in life.




Source: www.theguardian.com

This is a photo of my ideal coach: Pep Guardiola. Nowadays, he is training FC Bayern München.

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