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Carla's secret ambition

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Did you know that you have to study 12 years to become a surgeon? And not just that, medicine is also the degree with the highest mark necessary to get in. So, to fulfil my ambition of becoming a surgeon I'll need to study a lot of hours and carry on motivating myself to achieve this challenge.


Of course, commitment is the main quality for a surgeon -all surgeons need to do night shifts and long surgeries. Being a surgeon will define your life because you'll spend most of your time at work. Therefore, you have to be sure to really be willing to put up with this long journey.


The hardest requirement is to be able to leave your emotions aside and deal with death almost every day. You shouldn't blame yourself for all the consequences or problems in the OR, if not you'll end up in depression.


Last but not least, successful surgeons love their job and are willing to spend their free time researching to help people by improving their health. The most important thing is to enjoy this journey and to keep your thirst for knowledge so you continue learning every day.


I'm always willing to help people and when I want something I work really hard until I get it. That's why I know that one day I could be an extraordinary surgeon with the help of the programme "Masterclass". I'll do my best to achieve my lifelong ambition and make sure to help the whole world to become a better place with less illnesses. So, can you work under pressure for over sixty hours a week? Do you want to save someone's life? I do.

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