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Maria's secret ambition

Page history last edited by marias 6 years, 8 months ago

Dancing all day


My secret ambition has always been to become a professional ballet dancer. That's what I'd undoubtedly like to do in my life. Dancing between eight and ten hours a day will be very hard and exhausting but what would you do if that's what you enjoy?


First of all, what would it take to turn into a ballerina? Being good at ballet means being graceful, agile and elegant but you also need to have a healthy body and mind.


Last but not least, it's extremely necessary to be a disciplined person because you need to train a lot. That also means you often have to sacrifice your social life to improve your chances of becoming a professional.


So, I think I have some of those skills such as strength and discipline, which are both very important, and the other ones I'm trying to get them but apart from all of that you also need a stroke of luck.


I also believe that all my skills could be improved with the help of an expert from "Masterclass", which is the opportunity I'm waiting for. I really think this is the moment to act because time is flying and I'm not getting younger.


Finally, if I were chosen as the winner I won't disappoint you. The prospect of turning my lifelong passion into my livelihood and achieving fame is just too exciting for me so who could possibly fail to achieve their ambition?


Here you can see one of my favourites ballet videos.

The ballerina is Polina Seminova who is one of the best in the world. Hope you enjoy it as I do:)!!!


 If you want to know more about her click here

Svetlana Zakharova is an other ballerina who is one of the best in  the world too.

If you want to know more about Svetlana click here.


               Polina Seminova    



          Svetlana Zakharova



Sources information from: http://www.svetlana-zakharova.com/ 





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