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Albert's wiki page

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The rugby is one of the must complete sports, when you play you practise sport with all the body, people think it’s a very heavy sport and you have to be big and violent, but I play and its not true, its one of the must noble sports, for example, one rule is, you can't protest,say, or touch the referee he can expel you or give advantadge to the other team, and of course you always have to treat him with respect and call him SIR.




the person who invented rugby was William Webb Ellis who lived in rugby, thats the reason of the name. And the winers of the rugby world cup will get the William Webb Ellis Cup.





In rugby don't use many equipment apart of:


- a rugby shirt

- a rugby shorts: Rugby shorts are a type of shorts that are worn while playing rugby. They are designed to take the strains of the game and have traditionally been made from cotton.

- a rugby socks: long socks

- boods with diferent studs especifics of rugby




I don't have favorite player but I love tree  players:

- Jonny Wilkinson from England

- Jonah Lomu from the All Blacks (New Zeland)

- Shane Williams from Wales


Why you love this three players ??


I becouse Jonny Willkinson its a really good kiker, he measured 1,78 miters and weight 84 kg.

Jonah Lomu its a beast becouse he measured 1,96 miters and weight 120 kg, he run a lot tackle everyone, its considerate the firt super star of rugby.

And shane williams its the contrary of Jonah Lomu  its to small but its very fast, mesured 1,65 miers and weight 80kg , he shows that the smallers also can't be good.


they are three of the best pñayers of history.


Jonny Wilkinson




Jonah Lomu




Shane williams






- scrum: It's the way of restarting the game after a minor infringement. It involves up to eight players from each team, known as the pack or forward players, binding together in three rows and interlocking with the free opposing teams forwards.

- tackle: is when you stop your opponent throwing to the ground.





i've been playing rugby for three years, and believe me it's an amazing sport. i play in a team in montjuic called buc (barcelona universitari club).


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