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The Great Gatsby

Page history last edited by Ms Sol 5 years ago


Here are the two excerpts you should comment on in your texts (only for Ms Sol's students).



You can start your text like this:

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in ___________________________.  This time was called __________________________ in ____________________________ There are a few examples in the two excerpts that show the novel took place in this time.

First of all, ……

Apart from that, …..

Another reference to the ____________________ is ______________________________.


Remember to include all the ideas from class and to use connectors to link them (don't just list them one after the other!).  

Here are some useful websites with a bunch of connectors that you can use and example sentences of how to use them:

Linking words 1

Linking words 2


Here are the revision questions we discussed in class today. I hope they're useful to study for tomorrow's test. 

Here's a documentary about the demolition of the house in which Jay Gatsby's mansion

in The Great Gatsby was based on.




Here are the lyrics of Lana del Rey's Young and Beautiful (which was included in the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby) for you to practise singing the song... You can choose between Beginner, Intermediate or Expert levels. Which one are you going to choose? Click here to get started...


Here's the trailer of the original The Great Gatsby from the 1970s,

which was directed by Jack Clayton and starred by Mia Farrow and Robert Redford.


Here's the featurette for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.


Below you can find the sneak preview trailer:


And finally, here's the party scene from Luhrmann's film that we read about in Chapter 3 in class. "Who IS this Gatsby?" 


Here are the useful vocabulary and the expressions we worked on in class so you can use them in your comments. 





Comments (13)

Ms Sol said

at 11:04 am on Sep 29, 2014

After having watched the trailers and film clips above, leave a comment on the wiki answering the following questions:
1. What do you think about Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the novel The Great Gatsby?
2. What do you think about the soundtrack? (Beyoncé, Will.i.am, Gotye)
3. Is it ok for a 1920s classic to have been turned into a contemporary film with an MTV-video look? Why (not)? Are there any advantages of turning a classic into such a modern film?
4. Does the image you had in your head after reading the chapter correspond to the film clip? How is it similar/different?
You don't need to answer the questions in the same order as they appear. The idea is for you to give your opinion and justify it. It's especially important to give reasons for what you say and to exemplify your points. Also, before you start writing your comment, look at the previous contributions (from your classmates) and briefly say if you agree/disagree with them before giving your own opinion. Also remember to use the expressions and vocabulary we worked on in class. (See the two files above for easy reference).

polma said

at 8:04 pm on Sep 30, 2014

In my opinion this film it's well done and and so flashy compared with the old one. But it's too much flashy for that novel.
From my point of view the soundtrack is good because it's attractive for teh young people(people who see the movie) but at the same time remember the music of the 20s.
I think that is good because make the young people to know that stories. And if u turn it into a modern film more generations will see it and like it.
Yes, it does. The image in my head was similar to the trailer but with less caracters.

martaes said

at 8:18 pm on Sep 30, 2014

From my point of view, I think it's like a kind of insult to the original movie and novel. They turn something classic into something very modern. It is not just the changes of music they have made, but the personality the characters have, I haven't feel like if I was in the 20's at all. Even though, I said it was horrible, I don't thing it was a bad idea. It was original and at least they tried to make the film with the porpuse that young people knew what it was going on. I think the film was just to sell and win money, so they updated to todays days. One of the things it makes it look as in the 20's parties, was the numerous colors there are, the parties were very gaudy and extravagant.

annaga said

at 9:10 pm on Sep 30, 2014

In my opinion, this film outstands for its up-to-date point of view despite the time when the novel was written and based on. The soundtrack follows this comparison between the old and current time as well although in some occasions it appears to be a bit excessive to me. I believe the turn they have given it it's what actually makes it more appealing to the audience it is meant for.
The image that I had kind of corresponds with the film clip. Even though there are more characters speaking and the dialogue is changed, overall, it looks pretty similar to the image I had in my head.

paulama said

at 4:56 pm on Oct 1, 2014

To my mind, Baz Luhrmann did well giving his movie a kind of contemporary point. It may not reflect exactly that glamourous and jazzybackround in the posh society from the 'Roaring twenties' but it actually gives you a powerful feeling of partying with all those vivid effects and its very current dance song. Many people can consider the soundtrack shocking and unappropiate, but I reckon that it's one of the things that makes the movie special and more appealing to a young public, which adores DiCaprio and all that 'sex and drugs' excess. As I see it, that time contradiction makes the movie unique and more interesting. I guess that when you read the chapter you think of Gatsby's parties of something more slow-moving than what's shown in the movie, but that shouldn't bother anybody. The movie was obviously not meant to copy a hundred per cent the plot of the novella.

paulama said

at 5:03 pm on Oct 1, 2014

Actually miss Sol the song is by Fergie featuring Q-Tip (rapper), not Beyoncé.

blancama said

at 6:03 pm on Oct 1, 2014

From y point of view, Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the novel The Great Gatsby is original and unique because of the energy that it has. The way he mixes the old manners with contemporany music it makes it so flashy and completely different to many other films that are also based in the same period of time.
I belive Luhrmann’s has done a really great job mixing both styles that, as I said before, it’s something that any director has done before, and now, when you are talking about The Great Gatsby with someone who has seen the movie, the first thing that it cames through his mind is the image of Luhrmann’s version.

bernatfi said

at 6:11 pm on Oct 2, 2014

As Pol and Anna said, I reckon this film is too much gaudy in comparation with what F. Scott Fitzgeral write. It's true what Blanca said that it's a good way of up-datie the novel and try to catch a new public, but as I see it, that shocks with the original novel, it's too different.
You can't put a song from a rapper, as Paula mentioned, in a film from the 20's, in this parties people should probably dance jazz, not Pacha Ibiza songs.
From my point of view, it's unrealistic.

claracarr said

at 10:29 pm on Oct 5, 2014

I disagree with Bernat.
To my mind, Baz Luhrmann made an excellent remake of 1974 Great Gatsby movie (which is probably too old for nowadays youth) and a remarkable adaptation of F.Scott Fitzgerald novel.
The trailer is very flashy and you can see opulence everywhere, it takes you straight to the 20's parties. When I saw it I wanted to watch the movie inmediately.
In my opinion, the soundtrack is so well chosen, the mix of jazz and pop music is great.

laurapa said

at 8:00 pm on Oct 2, 2014

From my point of view, Luhrmann made a great adaptation of the novel, because he transformed a really good book into an up-to-date, very modern and unique film.
I agree with Bernat when he says the trailer can be a bit shocking, but, to my mind, it's really powerful and as you see it you just want to go watch the movie.
I reckon that this film is not exacly how F. Scott Fitzerald thought it would be his movie on the big screen, and he would problably find it mediocre; I think some people might be disappointed, but you can't obviously please everyone, and, at the end of the day, what the producers want is to sell the most posible.
I probably imagined it more or less like the movie is like when we read the chapter in school (maybe not that flashy), but now I've seen the trailer I can only imagine Di Caprio doing Gatsby's role.

marpu said

at 1:07 pm on Oct 4, 2014

From my point of view Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation is very original and modern in comparision of the book, but I don’t find it mediocre and unrealistic. The soundtrack doesn’t fit too much with the film, it’s very shocking but apart from that I reckon that these music gives power to the film, and make it flashy and unic. As Anna, Pol and Paula said the turn they’ve done has given more audience, in specific young audience. The image in my head when I read the chapter was very different, but I like how in the movie is very flashy and gripping.

ariadnamu said

at 8:53 pm on Oct 5, 2014

In my opinion, Baz Lurhmann's adaptation does not want to be an exact copy of the novel, but a movie based on it. as the image me myself (and as I see in the comments almost everyone) has in mind after Reading the book (or a chapter of it) is not t all the one you expect to see in a movie suposed to be a copy of it. So watching the movie as if it wasn't a copy, I reckon it's a very good movie, and personally I liked it a lot. Regarding the music, I think it?s very catchy, and it attracts basically Young people, which tells you that Lurhmann wanted to make a movie for the youngsters. I agree with mar when she says that it may be a bit shocking and not fit the movie if you expect something similar to the book, but as I said before you don't have to expect that , so I feel it is an original way to make the movie more vivid.

octavide said

at 11:15 pm on Oct 5, 2014

In my opinion, this film isn't the actual movie of "The Great Gatsby", It's a good but not enough try of bringing into the big screen one of the most important novels of american literature, located on the top, which is well-known not just for a beautiful but simple plot, also for the sweet taste that the words of F.Scott Fitzerald leave in the mouth. From my point of view, Lurhmann's film has remarkable points. The flashiness, the originality and the energy and passion of the actors (Leonardo DiCaprio) make it a big deal to watch, but as Bernat, Pol and Anna mentioned, it's too gaudy. For example, the digital effects are too obvious and tacky. Also I liked to add that I believe strongly what Mar, Anna and the others said about the soundtrack, it's just to attract a young audience.

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